Katie is our 30th former Little Miss Headland po19sting. She won the interview, photogenic and pageant dress awards at the 1991 pageant. Katie is the daughter of Tommy & Lesa Knowles (Headland) and Tammy Armstrong Knowles (Headland) and the granddaughter of the late Bobby "Bob" Knowles & Nelle Boone Knowles (Headland) and the late Linton "Maleon" & Ann Marshall Armstrong (Headland). She is a 2002 graduate of Headland High School. Katie has been married to Kraig Hester for 11 years and they have two daughters, Karoline (age 7) and Kathryn (age 4). She is a registered nurse in the operating room.

Trivia: Katie's daughter, Karoline Hester, is the current reigning 2018 Little Miss Headland and her mother, Tammy Armstrong is a former Miss Headland 1975. They are the only 3 generations so far of Headland Beauty Queens.

Bottom middle photo was her Little Miss Headland pageant contestant photo.

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