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The 2019 Headland Pageants was conducted on Saturday, March 2nd at the Headland High Auditorium. This year marked the 60th Miss Headland Miss Headland pageant to be held. The pageant is sponsored by the Headland Area Chamber of Commerce.

Pageant Winners

Pageant Photos by Sandra Ethridge Photography

01 2019 MISS Allyssa Riddle Peyton Blackwell Alexis Marie BrinkleyMISS HEADLAND


Allyssa Riddle, 1st Runner-up & Evening Gown Winner

Peyton Blackwell 2019 Miss Headland and winner of Photogenic, Verbal and Interview

Alexis Marie Brinkley, 2nd Runner-up and Written Communication winner. — with Peyton Blackwell

02 2019 JUNIOR MISS Abbey Leigh Jones_Jayla Nix_Bella DanzeyJUNIOR MISS


Abbey-Leigh Jones - 1st Runner-Up

Jayla Nix - 2019 Junior Miss Headland and Interview and Verbal winner

Bella Danzey - 2nd Runner-Up and Photogenic and Evening Gown winner

03 2019 PETITE MISS Headland Pageant Anslee Culp_Ansley Freeman Parker Paisely JacksonPETITE MISS


Anslee Culp - 2nd Runner-Up and Photogenic winner

Anslee Freeman - 2019 Petite Miss Headland and Evening Gown winner

Parker Paisely Jackson - 1st Runner-Up

04 2019 LITTLE MISS Tessa Leigh Wilson_Addison Hurst_Sarah Cate GambleLITTLE MISS


Tessa Leigh Wilson - 1st Runner-Up and Photogenic, Best Dress and Verbal winner

Addison Hurst - 2019 Little Miss Headland and Interview winner

Sarah Cate Gamble - 2nd Runner-Up

05 2019 Former Little Miss Headland Queens

Photo by Eddie Dodd, The Abbeville Herald

Former Little Miss Headland Queens


1960 - Millicent Cutchen Bowen, 1964 - Sharon Snell Green, 1966 - Ramona Gulledge Odom, 1979 - Lisa Deshazo Scott, 1984 - Katie Bayne Parker, 1985 - Holli Holland Grace, 1991 - Katie Knowles Hester, 2004 - Shelby Popwell, 2005 - Shelli Wilcox, 2008 - Jolie Money, 2009 - Madelyn Steele, 2010 - Anna Fischer, 2011 - Hayden Thompson, 2012 - Presley Blackwell, 2013 - Abbey-Leigh Jones, 2014 - Mari Ellis Brewer, 2015 - Emme James Anderson, 2016 - Hannah Robertson, 2017 - Anslee Freeman, 2018 - Karoline Hester [Note: Elizabeth Folger 2007 was in attendance but not in the photo]

In honor of this 60th anniversary, we present the nine girls who have won both Miss Headland and Little Miss Headland.

Miss and Little Miss Headland winners midsize

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