Little Miss Headland

Katie is our 30th former Little Miss Headland po19sting. She won the interview, photogenic and pageant dress awards at the 1991 pageant. Katie is the daughter of Tommy & Lesa Knowles (Headland) and Tammy Armstrong Knowles (Headland) and the granddaughter of the late Bobby "Bob" Knowles & Nelle Boone Knowles (Headland) and the late Linton "Maleon" & Ann Marshall Armstrong (Headland). She is a 2002 graduate of Headland High School. Katie has been married to Kraig Hester for 11 years and they have two daughters, Karoline (age 7) and Kathryn (age 4). She is a registered nurse in the operating room.

Trivia: Katie's daughter, Karoline Hester, is the current reigning 2018 Little Miss Headland and her mother, Tammy Armstrong is a former Miss Headland 1975. They are the only 3 generations so far of Headland Beauty Queens.

Bottom middle photo was her Little Miss Headland pageant contestant photo.

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