Little Miss Headland

Little Miss Headland 1996-1997 - Morgan Love was originally the 1st runner up in the 1996 pageant and won the Interview Attire Award. After Little Miss Headland, Courtney Danzey, moved away in late 1996 to Florida, Morgan was given the title of Little Miss Headland and continued the reign until 1997 when she crowned the new Little Miss. Morgan also won the title of Miss Headland in 2006. She had been Junior Miss Henry County in 2003.

Morgan is a 2007 graduate of Headland High School and a 2011 graduate of Auburn University. She is the daughter of Steve Love (Headland) and Angie Chase Love (Headland) and the granddaughter of the late Gerald Love and Sarah Love (Dothan) and Floyd and Maridell (Ritch) Perkins. Her grandmother, Maridell, is originally from Headland and was an HHS cheerleader.

Morgan has been married to her husband, Walt Ellis, for 6 years and they have two children, Watson (age 3) and Mary Chase (age 1). She received her degree as a registered dietitian but currently is a stay at home mom.

Left photo was taken the night she crowned the new Little Miss Headland. The middle two photos was the night she received 1st runner up in the Little Miss Headland pageant in 1996 and the right photo is her Little Miss Headland contestant photo

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