Little Miss Headland

Little Miss Headland 1974-75 – Kelli Shell is the daughter of Tommy Shell & Maryann Hall (Dothan, formerly Headland) and the granddaughter of the late Thomas J. & Katherine Shell (Mobile) and the late Brannon & Maryann Hall (Dothan).

Kelli has been married 31 years to her husband, Tim Tew, and they have lived in Fadette, Alabama that entire time. They have two children, a daughter, Kayla Leann Hall (age 29) and a son, Tanner Reid Tew (age 25), as well as two granddaughters from their daughter, Kayla, and her husband, Jim Hall, whose names are Taylor Kay Hall (age 9) and Scarlett Avery Hall (age 3 weeks). Kelli is retired from a career in Finance.

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