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logo working cows dairyThe General Store at Todd Farms now carries milk products from Working Cows Dairy in Slocomb, AL. A Working Cows delivery truck will be parked in front of the store until May 2 and they will be offering free samples (while supplies last). “It is absolutely delicious and very healthy,” Dewey Todd said. “Regular store milk is pasteurized to 200 degrees, which kills the healthy enzymes. The FDA only requires 145 degrees, which is what Working Cows Dairy does. This milk is not homogenized, so you ‘shake before you drink.’ It will remind you of the milk you got fresh at Grandma's house. We offer whole, 2%, skim and chocolate milk, and fresh organic whipping cream. We have several customers who buy the whipping cream and make their own organic butter.”

“The milk and the cows are certified organic and safe for all consumption. The cows eat a pure, organic grass diet and never receive any hormones or eat anything that's had pesticides on it, Todd explained. “The cows receive a shower and lay on a waterbed (seriously!) before milking - that helps settle the milk (and the cow). They are very happy cows! Most importantly, it is delicious!” In addition to cane syrup and the many general store products, Todd Farms also now offers a complete line of seed and feed. They are the local F-R-M feed dealer in Headland with feed for rabbits, chickens, dogs, cats and more.odd Farms is located at 19326 U.S. Hwy 431 in Headland, Hours: Store (Mon) 8:30am - 5pm, (Tue-Sat) 7:30am - 5pm; Cafe (Tue-Sat) 7:30am - 2pm. For more information, go to

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