Who We Are!

The Headland Area Chamber of Commerce is a member-driven organization of local businesses, professionals and individuals working together to create a centralized group with the purpose of improving the local economy and building a better community. 

The Chamber serves as a community leader fostering economic growth, promoting our members, and enhancing the quality of life for our community and its citizens.  By enabling its members to accomplish collectively more than possible individually, the Chamber helps facilitate the growth of existing businesses and development of new ones. The strength of the organization lies in creating a pool of resources from which can be drawn ideas, energy and finances.

Who's in charge?

The governing body of the Headland Area Chamber is its Board of Directors. From small business owners to local citizens the 15-member board represents a cross-section of the Chamber's membership. The Board’s function is to determine policy for the organization. The Board is also responsible for the organization’s finances, considers and approves the budget and determines the appropriate membership investment schedule.

The Chamber employs an executive director who manages the day-to-day functions of the organization including planning and hosting special events, publishing the Chamber's newsletter and maintaining the Chamber's Website.

How does the Chamber support the business community?

The Chamber performs many functions to encourage and promote growth in the business community. Entrepreneurs and small businesspeople are the foundation of the economy and the Chamber works as their advocate on all levels of government. The Chamber serves as a resource to its members by providing networking and knowledge-building events and programs.

The Chamber also supports its members by referring them to potential customers. Many visitors and newcomers to the area contact the Chamber to find out where to get their oil changed, where to bank, where to eat, etc. The Chamber only refers its members to these inquries. Currently the Headland Area Chamber publishes a membership directory online for visitors and anyone seeking information about businesses in Headland. The membership directory is available under the "Doing Business" tab.

How does my company join the Chamber?

Considering the many benefits your Chamber membership provides you and your company, joining the organization is extremely affordable. A small business with fewer than 5 employees can join the Chamber for only $75 per year. Membership dues increase incrementally for larger businesses. For more information about joining the Chamber, go to "Join Us Today!" under "The Chamber" tab.

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